About TMS Clinical Therapy

TMS Clinical Therapy is a partnership co-founded by Dr. Arnold Mech and Donna Behring, bringing together medical professionals with patient-centric backgrounds that are passionate about providing Transcranial Magnetic Simulation to those suffering from Treatment-Resistant Depression and more.


By combining their decades of psychiatry and medical research experience in the pursuit of mental health solutions, Dr. Mech, Ms. Behring, and TMS Clinical Therapy are leading the charge in administering safe, groundbreaking treatments for both MDD and OCD via breakthrough technologies like Deep TMS.

Our Staff

Dr. Mech

Co-Founder of TMS Clinical Therapy. Psychiatrist with over 40 years of experience and 11 years of experience in the TMS industry.

Donna Behring

Co-Founder of TMS Clinical Therapy and CEO of the Clinical Research Group

Justin Gammill

TMS Medical Technician & Business Operations Manager

Lesly Sandoval

TMS Medical Technician

Jenny Baggett


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